Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Preschool Christmas Craft - Paper Plate Wreath

My son came home with this adorable Christmas wreath that he had made at daycare (I love his daycare-lady!).  I told her I was going to share it on my blog and I meant it!  I may not have directions, but you can look at the photo and see what to do.

What you need is:  a paper plate, green-yellow-red construction paper, green paint, some scissors and glue.   They also attached a magnet on the back so that it could be stuck on the fridge.

TIP:  If you don't have magnets, look to your fridge!  Use one of those pizza delivery magnets or candidate magnet that you really don't need - cut them up and use them on your child's artwork!

Having had to do this before, I can say the hardest part of this craft will probably be cutting the center out of the paper plate!  My gosh that is not easy!  Poke a hole it in first and then cut around the center part.  It will be worth the struggle!   After it is cut, paint it green and let dry while you're working on the other pieces.  If you don't have paint, a green marker or green crayon will work too!

You can see that the yellow candle on my son's wreath is not yellow construction paper.  It looks like scrapbooking paper (I forgot to ask!).   Really, you can use any sort of paper that you like!  And any color!  The bottom of this candle is decorated with two holly leaves and 3 holly berries.  Festive and easy, but you can alter this to suit your own taste.  Go make one now!   :)

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